The Top 3 Reasons Your Inboard Engine Won't Start


An inboard engine from a company like Mercruiser is a great choice for those who love water sports as it keeps the engine tucked away safely inside the boat itself so it's less of a danger for skiers and anyone being pulled on a raft behind the boat. It may also be quieter and keep fumes away from boat passengers, which is another reason an inboard engine is often preferred over an outboard engine. However, it can be more difficult to access your inboard engine when it won't start, which is why it's good to know some common reasons for engine problems. Note a few troubleshooting tips.

1. No gas

You may assume your boat has fuel if your fuel gauge says that the tank is full, but if the gauge is broken or malfunctioning, your boat may simply be out of gas. There may also be a loose gas line between the fuel tank and the engine so that the engine is not getting fuel when you turn the key.

If the engine tries to start and then sputters, this can be water in the fuel lines. This is not unusual for boat engines, as a small leak or loose fuel line can easily let water into the fuel tank or the engine itself. You may need to empty the fuel tank and bleed the engine, and then inspect the lines for loose connections, holes, and the like.

2. Spark plugs

A diesel engine doesn't work with spark plugs, but for an inboard motor that runs on standard fuel, if the plugs are dirty, not gapped properly, old and worn, or otherwise need replacing, your engine simply won't start. As a boat owner you need to give your engine a tune-up just as you would with your car engine and replace those plugs as often as needed. Remember that if you use your boat often, the plugs will need replacing sooner than for a boat that is only taken out a few times every year. Check the condition of the plugs, and you may even want to have some replacements on hand for a quick change out.

3. Faulty ignition switch

Your engine not starting may be a problem with the ignition switch and not the engine itself. The chamber for the switch may be only made of thin, lightweight plastic or aluminum so it's not as durable as the ignition switch in your car, which is typically made of thick and solid metal. Saltwater may also cause corrosion along the ignition console. Have the switch checked if everything else seems to check out with your motor itself.


7 October 2015

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