Considerations When Buying An E-Bike


Owning an electric bike is a fashionable way to declare your love for the environment. Nevertheless, buyers get confused when comparing the various electric bike types and models. So, what considerations should you make when buying an E-bike?  Type of E-Bike E-bikes come in different designs, each with a specific use. For instance, cruiser bikes have wide tires, suspension and high handlebars to allow comfortable riding on paved and flat roads.

19 May 2023

Two tips to follow if your marine engine mount has broken


Here are two tips to follow if your boat's marine engine mount has broken. Do not attempt to take your boat onto the water while its engine mount is broken It's essential not to use your boat while its marine engine mount is broken. The reason for this is that whilst your boat's engine might still work without a functioning engine mount, using it in the absence of this essential component could cause lots of issues.

7 July 2022

Who Can Benefit From Portable Satellite Television Services?


When you think about installing satellite television, you might think about installing a semi-permanent satellite dish at your home. After all, many people use satellite television so they can watch their favorite television shows and movies at home. However, there are other ways that you can make use of satellite television, such as with a portable satellite dish that can be used almost anywhere. These are a couple of examples of people who can benefit from portable satellite television services.

14 October 2021

3 Reasons to Buy a Vertical Windlass


If you're looking for a new anchor winch, then you have to choose the right kind of windlass system for your boat. One of the first decisions you make is whether to go for a vertical or horizontal windlass. While horizontal windlasses work well, you might find that a vertical system is a better bet overall. What are the advantages of using a vertical winch? 1. Lose Less Deck Space

21 April 2021

How an Aftermarket Exhaust Can Revolutionise Your Motorcycle


If you have just discovered the joy of motorcycling, you will be eager to get out on the open road during every available moment. You may have discovered the biking community and are in the process of making new friends, so you cannot wait to show off your new bike as you go. In this case, you certainly want to introduce some performance upgrades to help with the look, feel and performance of your ride.

6 October 2020

Two signs that you should purchase an electric bicycle


More and more people are coming to realise how useful electric bicycles can be. Here are some signs that you should purchase this type of bicycle. You love cycling but tire easily If you love many aspects of cycling but you tire easily when you're on your normal bicycle (because, for example, you have a health condition that causes fatigue or because you have weak leg muscles), then you should get an electric bike instead.

20 August 2020

4 Reasons You Should Use A Diesel Engine on Your Boat


Your boat is one of your more costly purchases. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you take excellent care of it. In the spirit of this, you should ensure that you use a diesel engine. Here are four reasons you should use a diesel engine in your boat.  1. Size Matters  Consider the size of your boat when picking your engine. Your large boat deserves a diesel engine. A diesel engine will generate adequate torque and ensure that you can speed up and slow down efficiently.

12 February 2020