3 Reasons to Buy a Vertical Windlass


If you're looking for a new anchor winch, then you have to choose the right kind of windlass system for your boat. One of the first decisions you make is whether to go for a vertical or horizontal windlass. While horizontal windlasses work well, you might find that a vertical system is a better bet overall. What are the advantages of using a vertical winch?

1. Lose Less Deck Space

Horizontal windlasses sit on your deck. You'll lose this space permanently which isn't great if your boat is small or you are already short of deck space. Vertical windlasses don't take up as much room. While the top of the system does need to sit on the deck, its motor and gearbox go under the deck. So, you lose less space.

2. Minimise Weather and Water Damage

If your horizontal windlass's working parts are out in the open, then you could have problems with weather and water damage. For example, your motor and gearbox could corrode. At best, you could have more maintenance work on your hands to keep the windlass in good shape. At worst, you might need to replace the system sooner than you anticipated if the damage gets too widespread.

If you install a vertical windlass, then your winch gets extra protection. Vulnerable parts, like the motor, are tucked away safely under the deck in your anchor locker. They aren't out in the open where they will get wet. While you still need to run regular checks on a vertical windlass, you aren't likely to have significant corrosion problems. Your windlass should last longer.

3. Get a Smoother Anchor Action

While horizontal windlasses are designed to winch anchors in and out of the water, they have some downsides. These systems need a specific chain alignment; you also have to be careful about the direction in which you want to winch. If you don't get things right, then your anchor chain could jump and even slip. This could damage the windlass or even hurt someone standing too close to the unit.

Vertical windlasses are easier to use. They are more multi-directional. Their chain wheels also typically hold on to more of the chain when you winch. These extra connections hold the chain steady and more securely. It is less likely to slip or jump.

Make sure to buy a good-quality windlass that fits your boat and anchor needs. For example, it's worth talking to your marine equipment supplier about Maxwell anchor winch systems. They manufacture a range of vertical windlasses that are worth a look.


21 April 2021

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