4 Reasons You Should Use A Diesel Engine on Your Boat


Your boat is one of your more costly purchases. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you take excellent care of it. In the spirit of this, you should ensure that you use a diesel engine. Here are four reasons you should use a diesel engine in your boat. 

1. Size Matters 

Consider the size of your boat when picking your engine. Your large boat deserves a diesel engine. A diesel engine will generate adequate torque and ensure that you can speed up and slow down efficiently. If your engine smoothly changes speed, it is not overworked and will last longer. With alternative engines, you will need too much maintenance to keep them running on an 18-tonne boat, for instance. They will get easily damaged as they will not keep up with your demands. 

2. Fuel economy 

Diesel engines mean that you spend less money on fuel. With the rising costs of fuel, you need a boat engine that will use little fuel to travel long distances. If you wish to spend a long time on the water, a diesel engine boat is your best bet. The fuel reaches longer cruising distances, which means far more time on the water. You should, however, bear in mind that the boat size determines the fuel economy. The larger your boat, the higher the fuel economy.

3. Use 

How often do you use your boat? If you are always on the water, you should get a diesel engine. You can take advantage of the efficiency of the diesel engine in this way. A boat that is rarely on the water may not benefit from a diesel engine. On the other hand, if you run a charter business, a diesel engine will be great for you. It can handle long distances and without getting damaged.

4. Maintenance costs 

A diesel engine is a great way to save money on maintenance. That is due to technological advances in the building of diesel engines. Older models were noisy and required constant servicing. Today, the marine diesel engine can do with little maintenance and is relatively quiet. If you use a diesel engine, you can take your boat out for up to 20000 hours before your engine needs service. You should, however, ensure that you do not miss out on any required servicing.


When using marine engines, pick diesel engines for your large boats. As shown above, they will last longer and cost less in the end. To learn more, contact a retailer that sells parts such as Volvo Penta marine engines.


12 February 2020

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