Two tips to follow if your marine engine mount has broken


Here are two tips to follow if your boat's marine engine mount has broken.

Do not attempt to take your boat onto the water while its engine mount is broken

It's essential not to use your boat while its marine engine mount is broken. The reason for this is that whilst your boat's engine might still work without a functioning engine mount, using it in the absence of this essential component could cause lots of issues. First and foremost, taking your boat out onto the water in this situation would not make for a pleasant boating experience, as without a working mount to stabilise the engine, the latter's vibrations will be incredibly noisy, to the point where (depending on the size of your boat) it might be impossible to hold a conversation or even focus on operating your boat safely.

Secondly, if the engine mount cannot keep your boat's engine stable, the engine's forceful vibrations could also damage parts of its components. Thirdly, if the boat's engine gets damaged due to its instability whilst you're on the water and it stops working, you could get stranded and have to wait for someone to help you take the boat back to the marina or shoreline. As such, if you want to protect your boat and ensure that your next trip out on it is not a stressful one, it's best to hold off on using it until the engine mount has been replaced.

Consider having the engine mount replaced by a professional

Even if you have the tools to replace this component yourself, it's still best to get a marine engineer, who has plenty of experience in replacing marine engine mounts, to do it for you. Aside from the fact that they'll probably be able to replace the mount far quicker than you could (which means your boat will be ready to be taken for a trip on the water sooner), this will also virtually eliminate the chance of the mount being installed incorrectly.

This is important as if, for example, you fitted the new engine mount yourself and accidentally didn't secure it to the engine properly, the engine's vibrations could continue to cause the aforementioned issues and could even damage the mount itself. The latter might also result in you having to buy yet another new engine mount and having to wait even longer to begin using your boat again.

For more information on marine engine mounts, contact a professional near you.


7 July 2022

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