Things to Consider When Repairing your Diesel Marine Engines


A diesel engine can be referred to as an internal combustion engine where the fuel ignition gets injected into the combustion chamber. This is brought about by high temperatures of the air let into the cylinder through a process known as mechanical compression. A diesel marine engine, on the other hand, is one which has been adopted for use in water vehicles. When repairing your diesel marine engines, there are a number of things you have to consider. If you are new to this, then here are a few tips that might be helpful.

Sterndrive Repair Tips in Case of Rust

When rust corrodes the sterndrive, it is essential to consider thoroughly removing all the corrosion to ensure the component works efficiently. This can be scraped off with the use of tools such as a brush or a cleanser. If the dirt is stubborn, you can look for an abrasive kitchen cleanser which will get the job done faster. The brushes should get to all the crannies to ensure that no residue is left on the sterndrive. For this cleaning, beware of steel or wire brushes, as this might leave metallic components, which will cause more corrosion. It is also important not to dig deeper into the surface as this might result in further damage. After all, the rust is scraped away from the sterndrives, you can use paint to ensure that the internal surface is protected from moisture and water. You can also use specialised coatings which will guarantee no rust forms on your stern drives.

Marine Engine Repowering Tips

When looking for a service company to repower your marine engine, it is imperative to do a background analysis of the company to ensure they will deliver desired results. This includes going through all their recent jobs and gauging whether they provided service as required. You should also refer to your boat manufacturer to see what they prescribe for certain repairs. In cases where you are increasing the horsepower of your engine, you can perform a structural change which will be able to improve the airflow. It is also important to consider whether your boat controls will work well with the repaired engine. This will also include a replacement of the gauges with an engine monitoring system able to recognise the replacement engine. If in case you are converting from a MAN marine gas engine to a MAN marine diesel engine, then you will need to consider a fuel tank modification to encompass the return valves and lines.

For more information, contact a diesel marine engine repair professional.


26 October 2017

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