Three Optional Features To Look For In A Quality Water Heater For Your RV


The whole point of investing in an RV is being able to enjoy all the creature comforts of home while you're on vacation or on the road, and an RV that can't provide hot water as you need it is hardly a home away from home. As such, anyone who owns an RV with a broken or missing water heater should look for a high-quality heating system as soon as possible.

Gas or electric water-heating systems are generally held up as the gold standard, allowing you to power your hot-water system from campsite electrical hookups as well as onboard gas tanks when required. However, not all gas and electric hot-water systems are created equal, and to get the most value for your money, you should try to find a system with the following useful optional features.

Direct spark ignition

Gas and electric hot-water systems need to be ignited when running on gas before they can provide any hot water; in most basic models, this means manually igniting a pilot light with a match or handheld spark igniter. As you can imagine, this can be tiresome if you frequently switch between gas and electric power modes, especially if your RV only has outdoor access to the water heater and you're trying to light a match in driving rain.

Gas and electric hot-water systems with a direct spark ignition (or DSI) system are much more convenient and easy to use. These water heaters feature an integrated electric sparker, which activates automatically whenever the gas flow in your heater is turned on. For added safety, most DSI-equipped heaters will automatically shut off the gas flow if it fails to ignite within a reasonable amount of time.

Corrosion-resistant tank insulation

You should always choose a water-heating system with an insulated holding tank for two important reasons. Firstly, the insulation will prevent heat from escaping rapidly from your tank, keeping your hot water hot for longer without having to reactivate your system. Secondly, the insulation provides effective protection against corrosion for the metal components of your holding tank; most hot-water holding tanks are made from steel, which can rust quickly when exposed to hot water.

Many hot water systems are fitted with plastic foam insulation liners in their holding tanks, and while these are effective, they tend to perish over time and can be difficult and expensive to replace. For added peace of mind, invest in a hot-water system with a porcelain-lined holding tank, as these liners will last for the lifetime of your hot water system while providing unparalleled protection against corrosion.

MotorAid functionality

Gas and electric RV hot-water systems are prized for their versatility, but you can get even more out of your heater by choosing a system with MotorAid functionality. These systems heat water using gas and electric but can also use the heat of your RV's engine to provide hot water.

These hot-water systems are connected to the cooling pipes that keep your RV's engine cool. These pipes funnel water heated by the engine and allow it to circulate through pipes embedded in the hot-water system, heating the water in your cooling tank as you drive. MotorAid systems are great energy-saving devices and allow you access to hot water in the unlikely event of the gas and electric heaters in your system both failing at once.

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14 October 2019

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